All Defiance, Ohio releases as MP3 audio files are now available for download from using BitTorrent. is a site that hosts video and audio for the Portland IMC, Pittsburg IMC, Riotfolk, and others. Its a very cool resource both for the Indymedia community and for free content producers like Defiance, Ohio or the Riotfolk artists. If you want to learn more about BitTorrent, see Brian's BitTorrent FAQ.

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what's an ogg?

the ogg vorbis faq says:

Ogg Vorbis is a new audio compression format. It is roughly comparable to other formats used to store and play digital music, such as MP3, VQF, AAC, and other digital audio formats. It is different from these other formats because it is completely free, open, and unpatented.

we put up ogg vorbis audio files on the website in addition to MP3s because the ogg format was created by independent programmers out of their love for programming and audio hacking. the format is totally free. that means that you can use it, write software for it, encode it, without having to worry about paying anybody money or violating someone's stupid copyright. unfortunately, MP3 doesn't offer the same sort of freedom. the format is patented by the Fraunhofer Institute who charges royalties if you want to distribute MP3s, make MP3 playing hardware, or MP3 encoders. pretty stupid. basically ogg vorbis is about as diy as computer technology can be. oh yeah, many people argue that ogg sounds better, and ifyou check out the ogg vorbis site, there's a lot of geekspeak describing why.

despite the fact that ogg vorbis is an open format, it is supported by a number of popular MP3 players. for instance, winamp can play the files under windows, xmms can play them under linux, and the ogg quicktime components will let you play them under itunes in macos x. for a more comprehensive list of supported software, check out this website.

The Fear, The Fear, The Fear

You can download all the tracks very quickly with bittorrent from

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You can download the tracks indvidually as 128Kbps MP3s or Ogg/Vorbis files with the links below.

  1. Can't Stop, Won't Stop [download ogg or mp3]
  2. The List [download ogg or mp3]
  3. The Things We Won't Let Settle But Let Set [download ogg or mp3]
  4. The Condition [download ogg or mp3]
  5. Eureka! [download ogg or mp3]
  6. Now, Now, Now [download ogg or mp3]
  7. Anxious And Worrying [download ogg or mp3]
  8. The Years, The Fears, The Sleep [download ogg or mp3]
  9. Oh, Cheri [download ogg or mp3]
  10. Expect The Worst [download ogg or mp3]

Defiance, Ohio/Environmental Youth Crunch 7"

torrent coming soon.

  1. Threats [download ogg or mp3]
  2. Collecting Complaints [download ogg or mp3]

The Great Depression

[download torrent]

  1. Petty Problems [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  2. Enough [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  3. Oh, Susquehanna! [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  4. The New World Order [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  5. Calling Old Friends [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  6. Trip and Stumble [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  7. This Feels Better [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  8. The Year [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  9. Grandma Song [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  10. Letter Home [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  11. The Temperature is Dropping [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  12. Lambs at the Slaughter [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  13. Condition 11:11 [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]

One Reason/Defiance, Ohio Split 7"

[download torrent]

  1. Sometimes Motion [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  2. Promises [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]

Ghost Mice/Defiance, Ohio Split CD (released 08/2004)

[download torrent]

  1. Never Forget, Ever [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  2. Tanks! Tanks! Tanks! [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  3. To Lanterns, Denver, and One Last Lament [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  4. Things We Say [ogg] [mp3]
  5. The Idea of North [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]

Share What Ya' Got LP/CD

[download torrent]

  1. Hey Kathleen, Are You Hungry? [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  2. This Time, This Year [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  3. I'm Just Going To Leave ... [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  4. Chad's Favorite Song [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  5. I Don't Want Solidarity If It Means Holding Hands With You [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  6. Drinking Song [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  7. Bikes and Bridges [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  8. Sweet Dudes and Sweet Ladies * [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  9. Lullabies [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  10. Old Dead Tree [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  11. Road Sign Always Look Better Looking Over Your Shoulder [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  12. Response To Griot [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]


[download torrent]

  1. Chad's Favorite Song [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  2. Drinking Song [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  3. Hey Kathleen, Are You Hungry? [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  4. I'm Just Going To Leave ... [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  5. The Idea of North [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  6. Old Dead Tree [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  7. A Song About Promises [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  8. Road Signs Always Look Better Looking Over Your Shoulder [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
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