Sorry Chicago!

bad news dudes.
On march 27th, we were planning a Chicago show. We, unfortunately, have to cancel in order to make room for another day of recording at the studio. In working on the new songs, we realized that we should book a little more working time. We will plan a new Chicago show in the near future. We are getting really excited for Harvest of Hope and the other upcoming shows. See you there!
Defiance, ohio

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NEW RECORD! and upcoming shows!

We've got everything all worked out to get together in March and record our new record! We've also figured out several shows during the month (which are posted to the right).. there will be information added to the shows as we find it out. Thanks so much to everyone who has written in the last month asking us to make it to their town on this trip. We really appreciate the offers but we are very limited in what we can do since we want to make sure to get the recordings finished. We are very excited for Harvest of Hope. We are making much more extensive tour plans for June and July, so hopefully we can make it much closer to you (if we aren't coming near you in March). Thanks again for all the e-mail and support!
Ryan and Defiance, Ohio

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Hey everyone!

Sorry there hasn't been much news from us in the past few months. We have been taking a little time to ourselves, working on projects and (for geoff) adjusting to living in a new town. We are excited to announce that we will be traveling down to the harvest of hope festival this march! We may also play some additional shows around the same time but we are unsure as of now. We will post or plans as soon as we make them.

Nana Grizol (Theo) is currently on tour! you can find the dates of their shows here..

Pink Houses (Ryan) are also playing a few shows this month.. you can find the show information here..

We are currently working on lots of new music with plans to get together and record in march. Hopefully a new recording will exist in the not so distant future.

Thanks for your interest and for checking in on what we are up to.

defiance, ohio

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An Interview! and about T-shirts....

hello everyone!

so.. i thought i would post a link to this interview we did with punknews, since we don't do many interviews. for the most part, we kinda never got very into doing them because they never seemed to ask very meaningful questions and (for larger publications) waste a lot of paper. this one i felt OK about and it is on the internet so the only thing it can really waste is your time if you don't enjoy it. you can find it here..

also, if you sent a shirt in the last months to get printed.. i'm sorry.. we got way, way behind. BUT.. BZ came over the other day and helped me get all caught up. so, you might be getting a package quite soon!

ryan and defiance, ohio

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what we are up to...

hey. it's been a while since we posted anything here so i thought i would just give a little bit of an update. tour on the east coast, france and england in may was really amazing.. we all had a great time and want to express gratitude to everyone who helped make it happen. since then, we have all been trying to enjoy the rest of the summer and work on our various projects. Theo has been working on a new NANA GRIZOL record. Will has been touring both with LANDLORD and AL SCORCH. Ryan has been touring and recording with PINK HOUSES. Geoff just relocated to Chicago and is adjusting to life there. BZ has been working and playing music here in bloomington. and Sherri has been working and getting ready for another semester of school at IU. We don't have a lot of tour plans coming up soon.. but we are playing a couple exciting shows in the next two months (including the fest in gainesville). we also have plans to do some recording soon.. but no dates are set as of now. thanks a lot for paying attention to what we do.
defiance, ohio

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Songs for the Icarus Project downloads available until June 1

It was great to meet some of the folks from the NYC Icarus Project when we played in Brooklyn a few days ago. You can watch a video of their talk from the show here:

We're going to keep the benefit going until June 1, after which we'll send all the proceeds to the Icarus Project, so if you're interested in getting the songs and supporting the work of the Icarus Project, don't wait!

Thanks very much,

[5/11/2009 06:25:00 AM] [(9) comments]

Songs for the Icarus Project download is working again

Issues with Paypal have been resolved. You can download the songs.

Thanks for your patience,

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The Mingers!

The band that Peter, our driver in the UK for our 2006 European tour plays drums in.